Public Transport Service Corporation

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Driving For Excellence


Mission Statement

To be totally committed towards providing a public transportation service that is efficient and effective in servicing the needs of the wider cross section of the national community, in a manner that is affordable to all, and which is fully supportive of all aspects of economic development at the national level.



A customer-driven profitable transport company, providing a mix of environmentally friendly services by  empowered employees who are results oriented.

  The PTSC and NP signed an agreement for a New CNG Fueling Station.

The PTSC and NP signed an agreement for a New CNG Fueling Station.

Officials of the PTSC and NP signed an agreement for the construction of a new CNG Fueling station at the PTSC compound in Port of Spain. This facility will replace the existing temporary station which was constructed in 2014, and will be a permanent fixture for the fueling of the CNG buses in the PTSC fleet. Upon completion the new fueling facility, will provide adequate capacity for the corporation to fill all of its CNG buses and will also bring about efficiencies in the fueling process. The buses will be filled faster and as such will be better suited to provide on time services to commuters on a daily basis, as well as it will continue to reduce the cost of fuel and maintenance to the PTSC.


Participating in this exercise was the Minister of Works and Transport: Senator, The Honourable Rohan Sinanan, The Chairman of the PTSC Mr. Edwin Gooding and The Chairman of NP Mr. Sahid Hosein .Also in attendance were The General Manager of the PTSC Mr. Ronald Forde, The Chief Executive Officer of NP Mr. Bernard Mitchell and The President of NGC CNG Mr. Curtis Mohammed.



PTSC's Management Team

Mr. Edwin Gooding                         Chairman

Mr. Ronald Forde                             General manager



Deputy General Managers:

Jonathan Cumberbatch                     Human Resources 

Davis Ragoonanan                                Finance and Accounts         

Garth Alexander                                    Engineering           

Brian Juanette                                        Operations               

Datta Balroop                                          Properties              



Assistant Deputy General Managers:

Rishi Ramlogan                                   Information Technology

Lalita Bala-Cetty                                Operations

Henry Cook                                           Operations and Engineering (Tobago)